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If you have arrived here by following a link given by the Bristol EVENING POST, then you have been mis-directed! From here, you can get to Frenchay Village Museum Archives, or directly to material about the new FRY book. Please note: that the Frenchay Connection no longer hosts new info about the muesuem; and that the Frenchay Museum sections of the Frenchay Connection web site have not been updated for some years .

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A few miles northeast of Bristol, in South Gloucestershire, Frenchay Village Museum gives an insight into an unusual village that, from the 17th Century, was a community largely made up of non-conformist Quakers and Unitarians. But that's not all !
      This apparently quiet backwater has been influential in many fields of activity, both locally and around the world, and is full of surprises...

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New Guest Exhibition for CLIC 30th Anniversary

By the end of 2005, we had welcomed more than 11,000 visitors...
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